Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Glittered Vases

I love the fact that with Mod Podge you can glitter just about anything! And who doesn't love glitter?! I made these 3 little glittered vases for under $5 bucks and you can use them for whatever you please. Since I have issues with constantly losing bobby pins, hair ties and chapstick/lipstick, I thought it would be perfect to keep them in. I found the vases over at the dollar tree and thought they would look prettier if they had some personality to them. It was super easy and didn't take a long time at all.

Here's What You Need

Glass Vases or Tea Light Holders
Spray Paint of your choice
Glitter of your choice
Mod Podge
Clear Top Coat Spray Paint

1. Spray paint the inside of clean glass vases. Try not to do too much in one area and have it drip, unless you like that look of course. Stand them up and let them sit until they are completely dry.

While I was doing this, I looked up and found my happy dog doing this.... I couldn't help but stop and go over to bother him.

Ace Rolling in the Grass :)
2. Back to Glitter! Once the paint has dried, you have two choices. One is mix equal parts mod podge and glitter and paint it onto your vase, until you like the amount of glitter on it. The second is just painting mod podge onto the vase and pouring the glitter on in sections. 
*NOTE* I started off with the first way and changed my mind because I wanted a thick layer of glitter on my vases. If you wanted the gold paint to be seen through the glitter, I would do the first way only.
*ANOTHER NOTE* If you do it the way I did, glitter will come off of it for a while when you pick it up and move it because there's not a full top coat over the glitter. 

3. Once the vase is covered in glitter, let it sit and dry. While you're waiting feel free to enjoy a glass of wine, especially if it is a beautiful sunny day like it was for me :)

4. When the mod podge is dry, coat the vases with a clear top coat. I actually just used the one I had on hand for my acrylic paintings and it worked just fine. Let it dry for a final time and it's ready to be put to use.

Have you used mod podge to glitter anything???

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  1. CUTE! Im in a glitter fase right now!

  2. Yes and these are gorgeous...I am in glitter mode and seeking all kinds of neat ideas, thank you!

    1. I'm so glad you this they're gorgeous!

  3. I love these! These are so cute!!!!

  4. I glitter everything! Love this!
    BTW, your dog is adorable.