Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Pasta Salad

Seriously not having a job and not going to class or being on campus all the time has made the week go by so fast and has left me feeling very unproductive. Although I'm finishing up one last class online which I'm done with next week, I don't like this feeling. It's summer and I've been cooped up inside for a majority of the time. Not fun. So far my weeks consisted of looking for a job, cooking and working on a scrapbook that I update yearly for Sean and mine's anniversary.

Here's one thing that I made this week and really enjoyed. This summer pasta is light and perfect for this summer heat. One reason why I love this summer pasta is the fact that you can use whatever vegetables are in season or are available to you. I used green beans, broccoli, corn and grape tomatoes. I also had fresh basil from my plant which I am honestly surprised is still alive. Ha.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicken Corn Chili with Corn Bread

It was a long week for me and I was going crazy with the heat. Me and 100+ degree weather no longer get along, especially since I lived in Santa Barbara the past 2 years. So going to LA to see Sean made me feel a little better about the weather. Don't ask why, but maybe the heat is getting to me.... Instead of opting to cook something light and refreshing, I ended up cooking chicken corn chili and corn bread. 

This chicken corn chili isn't as heavy as a beef chili and doesn't have as much heat as I prefer my chili, but you can of course adjust the heat to however you like it. I love that you can use left over chicken or rotisserie or cook your own chicken for this. I also decided to bake corn bread to go with this chicken corn chili. The corn bread was moist and has corn kernels in it. This is not a sweet corn bread recipe, so if you like your corn bread sweet I would adjust the amount of sugar or use agave or honey instead.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baked Sriracha Wings

I hope your 4th of July was amazing and filled with family, friends and of course fireworks. This week went by really fast and last weekend I went camping for the first time up in Big Bear. I really loved it and I never would have thought that I would have been ok with being outdoors and around bugs. I loved it so much that Sean and I are going again this weekend. I'm excited to go fishing and hopefully catch a bigger fish than Sean :) 

I'm always down to try new things, like camping, and these Sriracha wings are something new that I was VERY willing to give a try. Sriracha entered my life less than a year ago and I don't know why it took me so long to figure out about it. When I came across this recipe for Sriracha wings, it was definitely the next item on my to do list. These Sriracha wings had some heat to it, but not as much as I thought they would have and I kicked it up by adding some ground habanero powder to it. If you don't have any or are afraid of the heat, I think it would taste just as good without it. If you're like me and have fallen in love with Sriracha, than this is something that you have to make now!