Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY Earring and Ring Storage

I've been looking for a way to neatly organized all of the earrings and rings that I have, but the thought of buying a ring tray didn't sound appealing to me. Why? Because there aren't lids for the trays and because those trays don't really fit in any of the smaller spaces that I have. I used a small tin box that I had and placed all my earrings and rings that I have for my Etsy Store so that they would be safe. Help diminish my insane amount of earrings by purchasing a pair for yourself here!

I had left over supplies from when I made Jewelry Tray Liners to store all my necklaces and I figured there had to be a way to use the rest of the left over felt that I had. This earring and ring storage is super quick and easy. Just don't burn yourself with the glue gun like I did. The best thing about thing this earring and ring storage is that it can be easy customized. You can use any box and you do not need anything special. If you have a jewelry box that you love, but your earrings are a mess in, you can simply add this DIY to that box.

Keep reading to see how you can make your own DIY earring and ring storage.