Friday, December 27, 2013

Hot Chocolate On A Stick

 I hope that you enjoyed your holiday and things are slowing down as the New Year arrives. I know that it is for me. The past couple months have been busy with birthdays, work and holiday events. Even though I have been keeping up with baking, cooking and crafting, I unfortunately haven't been updating my blog.

Even though it has been in the high 70's here. I thought that because it's winter and the holidays, Hot Chocolate on a Stick would be the perfect little treat to give out. (I swear it's not because I thought it'd be a good idea to buy 500 wooden skewers!!) I made simple tags saying "Hot Chocolate on a Stick" and on the back of each tag it had instructions. Simply swirl and melt  in 4 to 8 Ounces of warm milk. Snuggle up and Enjoy. Or you can do what a few people I know did with these Hot Chocolate on a Stick and just eat them right off the stick. :)

These are the Wooden Skewers that I bought, but you can use swizzle sticks or anything else.
These Hot Chocolate on a Stick are soft like a truffle, but it still holds its shape. Marshmallows are always best when they are homemade, so skip the store bought bag and make your own. They're softer, lighter, fluffier and of course tastier! I made the chocolate first and than the marshmallow after, but you can make whichever one you want first. 

I love these Hot Chocolate on a Stick because it can be easily customized. You can add crushed peppermint, ground espresso, cayenne or nuts on the top of the chocolate before it sets or you can add drops of flavoring to the chocolate itself.. Or keep the chocolate simple and switch up the marshmallows by making lavender, peppermint or gingerbread marshmallows.