Thursday, May 9, 2013

Onion Bread

For the past couple weeks all I've been hearing Sean complain every time we are at the grocery store is "Why don't they make onion bread?! You know, like the ones that are hamburger buns, but like normal bread." I don't know what his obsession was about this bread. After a not so great experience at trying an Onion and Dill sandwich bread which was too dilly, all Sean kept talking about was Onion Bread. 

Well to get him to stop talking about, I decided to make my own. After weeks of complaining, Sean got what he wanted and came to the conclusion on why they don't make sliced Onion Bread... because the onion is on top and there's too much bread. At least this was his feeling towards the version that I made. I liked it, but he is right, there is too much bread to onion ratio. I am posting the original recipe that I made, but I think next time I am going to mix the onion into the dough so onions are in every bite or made the bread like rolls.