Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Batman Flats

I kept telling myself that I would post this early in the week and then Sunday got pushed to Monday and then to Tuesday. With leaving my parents to unpacking, starting my last quarter of school and then celebrating my friends 21st birthday, my place is a mess and I already have a lot of reading to do. I'm super excited to be finally graduating in June, but I'm even more excited to show you these Batman comic book flats.

Just a warning, these are not made for rain. Sean, I ruined these shoes in the rain. Sean and I went out and he said that we would be inside and not in the rain. Less than an hour later, I was walking in the rain. Ugh!! It totally destroyed them. Luckily I bought the entire first volume instead of just a single comic so they can be fixed. Anyways here's how you can make them.

Here's What You Need
Mod Podge (Gloss)
Super Glue (E-6000)
Comic Book of your choice
 1 pair of black flats that are smooth (I found cheap $5 flats)

1. Start out by cutting out images from the comic book scene. Using scenes helps create a good base and by only cutting out one small scene at a time it makes it easier to bend and glue on.

2. Glue the scenes onto the shoe. I worked from the heel forward and used a lot of mod podge so it was more flexible. When working at the sole of the shoe, I found it better to leave just a little bit hanging over so you can push it and make a even looking seam. 

3. Let the base dry for about 15 minutes. By the time you finish one shoe, the other shoe should be dry. Add little embellishments like a single image of the joker, the 10 cent price that's on the cover, words like Ka-Boom, BAM, and all that.

4. Let it dry again for about 15 minutes and put super glue on the bottom edge of the comic and tuck it into the shoes seam at the sole of the shoe. 

5. Again let it dry for a few minutes and brush a layer of mod podge over the entire shoe to seal it. Repeat this step at least two more times. (I suggest putting a weather proof coating after this step)

6. Once it's all dry, go out and wear them and get amazing compliments :)

Did you make your own pair? Post it below! 

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