Monday, May 21, 2012

Whatever Canvas Clock

I had a really amazing weekend, especially since I thought that it wasn't going to be good in the beginning. After compromising with Sean, he agreed to come up this weekend if I found a place that was showing the Chelsea vs Bayern Munich UEFA Championship game. I don't own a TV and since it was the "Superbowl of Soccer" (Sean's words), there was no way that he was going to miss this game. Luckily Roundin Third, a bar by my house, was willing to show the game for us. I was so happy that Sean came because I've been super stressed out lately and Sean was super happy that Chelsea won the championship. I don't think I've ever seen him this happy haha. Here's proof :)

But my weekend didn't stop there. Every year, UCSB has a concert called Extravaganza that's just for students and I was excited that Snoop Dogg was one of the performers. Although I was surrounded by a bunch of sweaty people and getting shoved constantly, seeing Snoop perform live was AMAZING. 
Another thing is that over the weekend I finished my clock that I was making. Target has this Cork Clock for $99 and it inspired me to make my own, but since I didn't like the look of the cork board, I used canvas. Plus I had an extra square canvas on hand which made making this clock even cheaper. 
Here's Targets version...
And here's mine...
Here's What You Need

Square Canvas (Mine was 12x12)
Gesso (or a base paint if you want color)
Black Paint
Clock kit
Adhesive (I used teachers tape)
Razor Blade

1. Gather all your materials 
I ended up not using the silver metallic paint
2. Use gesso or your base paint and paint the entire canvas. Let dry. Cut a slit in the center of the canvas with a razor blade big enough the fit the clock kit through. Make sure it fits before you start painting. 
3. Remove the clock kit. Using stencils, paint "Whatever, I'm Late Anyways" and the numbers 1-9 on the bottom corner. 
4. Put adhesive on the base of the clock so that it sticks to the canvas. I tried E-6000 glue and found that it did not work well. I happened to have this thicker tape called Teachers Tape that worked well because the clock isn't completely flat. Put together the clock kit according to package directions through the hole. 
5. Put the hands on and add a battery. You're done :)

I love the fact that it's canvas and not cork because you can customize it to fit the other colors in your room.

What do you think of my version???

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  1. I saw the corkboard one before, but I love your version a lot more!

  2. This is super cute. I'm going to make my own.