Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Quote On Canvas Wall Art

I'm a strong believer of "Everything Happens For A Reason". That the things that we do and live through have a reason behind, whether it's good or bad. And lately with everything that has been going on in life, I'm wondering what that reason is and how I'm going to deal with all the change that's going on. I'm a very planned person, who likes to know what's going on... so I don't know how well I'm going to deal with everything. But it's all happening for a reason right? Things will fall in place.

With that said, I found this quote by Frank Zappa and immediately fell in love with it. "A Mind Is Like A Parachute. It Doesn't Work If It Is Not Open." It's so true in so many ways. And after I came across it, I feel like it's another way that I should look at life. To be open to new ideas and accept change. That I shouldn't be closed minded to any doors that open up my way. If I stay opened minded to change, than I can control it and turn it into something positive.

I've had this painting in my living room for months. I knew I wanted something on it, but I wasn't quite sure. It just sat there.... waiting to be painted on... The second I came across Frank Zappa's quote, I knew that it was meant to be. 
 I've never worked with stenciling letters before so I learned some new things while doing this project. 
I stenciled out the quote onto paper, although I wish I would have done it on tracing paper so it would have been easier to see through.

Placed the stencil underneath the paper, lifted it up and painted. 
Here it is halfway done.
Like I said, using normal paper was harder to see through, so towards the bottom of the quote I struggled lining the stencil up correctly. This left me with a few letters crooked, but that's gives it more character right?!

 What's your favorite quote?

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