Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Wooden Heart in Frame

I really should be writing my paper... I mean, like I REALLY should be writing my paper. It's going to be a long two weeks and I needed a break before I started doing my work again. This was my break.

I had a bunch of these wooden sticks lying around that I got from Michael's for a few bucks. I used them to make corn dogs a while back, but after that... I didn't have a use for them. I also had a couple of those $1 unfinished wooden frames from Michael's. I put them together and this is what came out. It's really simple.

First, choose your colors. I wanted something kind of girly and lately I've been obsessed with painting things gold. Once you got your colors picked out, get painting. I painted the frame black and then let it dry while I painted the sticks. 
Once all of them were painted, I cut them in different lengths and glued them to a heart shaped paper. I used the same paper that came in the frame, just cause it was easy. 
After they're glued on, let them dry before you start cutting it into its shape. I suggest cutting kind of fast. I used normal scissors and it worked fine, but if I cut slow the wood began to split and crack down the middle.
You can stop here and put it this in the frame how it is, but I decided that I wanted it glossy. I used mod podge, the gloss one, and painted over the heart with it. I let it dry and stuck it in the frame. I kept the frame flat black because I liked the way it contrasted with the shiny heart. But that's it... Now you have something small to put on top of your bookshelf... or where ever you decide. <3

What are your comments about this? Love it or Hate it?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this on our blog. This is really cute.