Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY- Grocery Bag Container

Do you have an enormous amount of plastic bags that after grocery shopping, you just toss in a pile? 

I do. I use plastic as a liner for my bathroom and bedroom trash can, I keep some in my car because if you know me, I spend a lot of time in my car and every now and then I have to empty out the trash. I also use them for dirty clothes when I'm staying at someone's house. So I tend to save them whenever I get them. And for a while I've crumpled them up and threw them in a paper bag under my sink. It worked for awhile, until that bag got too full and it eventually took over under my sink so much that I couldn't open the doors without it falling out. 

I saw this idea over at  Midwestern Moms who found it on Tatertots And Jello. I thought that this was an amazing idea. I've heard of it being done with the rectangle baby wipes containers, but I was happy when I found it in a different type of container. And I thought that I'd share with you.

What you need:
Plastic Bags
Empty Wipes Container (Cleaned Out)
Mod Podge 
Scrapbook Paper

1. Fold plastic bags in half. It's easier to fold a bunch at once instead of folding as you go.
2. Overlap folded bags with the handles on top of the previous bag.
3. Fold the handle of the first bag up and roll. When you're rolling make sure all of the air is out of the bag. 

4. Keep adding bags and rolling until it gets big enough to fit into the container. I had a bigger container and was able to fit about 25-30ish bags. 
5. If you want to decorate it go ahead! Cut out scrap book paper to the size of the original label. Brush Mod Podge onto the container and stick on scrapbook paper. Let it dry and apply a top coat of Mod Podge.

6. I still had a bunch of plastic bags left, so I continued with folding the bags and made another roll, so when the container was empty I didn't have to redo this entire process and to clear out under my sink even more. I put a rubber band around it and when I get new bags I take an extra minute and fold it and add it to the roll. 
And here's a picture of how neat under my sink is. Sean laughed at me when we got back from the store and put away stuff and I started rolling plastic bags, but being able to open the under the kitchen sink with no problems... he can laugh all he wants. 
Ignore the nasty pipes! It came like that.

 Would you consider making this?

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