Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY Wood Coasters

These wood coasters are a really simple and easy DIY project. What makes them even easier is that you don't have to cut, sand or varnish anything... That is if you're lucky enough to find the items already done for you.

I came across some wooden floor samples that were cut into squares with rounded edges, all I had to do was remove the sticker. When I saw them, I knew they'd be perfect for coasters. If you aren't lucky enough to find them already done, it may take a little work.

Here is what I did...

Here's What You Need

6 square floor samples
24 adhesive cork pads

1. Clean off any dirt or stickers on the floor sample. I used goo-gone to remove the sticker and then washed them.

2. Remove 1 adhesive cork pad and place in 1 corner of the floor sample.

3. Repeat until all 4 corners are done and then repeat on all samples.

4. Grab a drink because you're done and you have fabulous new drink coasters!

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